The Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country on Earth has Launched a 'Travel Tinder' App

The Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country on Earth has Launched a ‘Travel Tinder’ App


29-year-old James Asquith, a London banker who had visited all 196 countries by the age of 24, recently launched Holiday Swap, an app which aims to get people to swap homes with other people when they travel.

“You have a picture of a property and you swipe,” Asquith told Business Insider. “A lot of people who’ve used it said ‘I feel like I’m on Tinder.’

However, unlike Tinder, Holiday Swap works on a global rather than local scale, meaning you can see properties on the more than 40 countries across six continents the app currently covers.

Asquith added that you can filter your settings “for things like ‘I want a place with a good atmosphere or a young crowd,’ by country, or whatever.”

When someone “matches” with you, you get a notification and a “pin” added to your map, as well as the ability to chat to the user and see their availability calendar.

“Then you basically have that connection,” Asquith said. “Say you’re going away for a week — you might look at your map have 30 cool places [you can go], but the people as well.”

It’s only $1 per bed a night to swap through the app, and the users can also request a fully refundable deposit if it makes them more comfortable, money which the app protects.

The new app is now available on both iOS and Android, and Asquith says some users have already started swapping.
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