The Top Attractions Of Shenzhen, China
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The Top Attractions Of Shenzhen, China

Travel News

Situated in the Southern tip of China and bordering Hong Kong, this city is one of the youngest yet the most developed cities of China. Capturing the cultural richness of China along with its growing economic boom, this city is an authentic reflection of the modern China. With beautiful themed parks, thick forests and some amazing beaches, this city has earned itself the title “International Garden City”.

Shenzhen will have you captivated from the minute you arrive in this wonderful city. This article highlights some of the top attractions of this magical city: if you’re booking a flight to China then this article will have you book a cheap flight to Shenzhen too and rightly so!

Splendid China:

This theme park is an amazing wonderland capturing China’s culture, history and even its geography: literally. Miniature of China’s various famous historical monuments are arranged according to China’s map in this park and paint an accurate mini-map of the country. This miniature park is situated at the scenic and breathtaking Shenzhen Bay. It spans to over 300,000 square kilometers but allows the visitors to cover the entire country in one day.

China Folk Cultural Village:

Founded in 1991, this park is situated west to the Splendid China. It is a whopping 158,000 square kilometers in area and will have you captivated from the moment you enter this cultural heaven. A national style museum of 56 nationalities and consisting of mini villages of various nationalities.

A variety of national festivals are celebrated in much splendor and grandeur in the China Folk Cultural Village – it truly is the hub of Chinese culture and arts. With its amazing beauty and attention to detail, this Village attracts every visitor possible. Book yourself an amazing travel deals now if you wish to enjoy the Chinese culture and history offered by the world famous attraction.

Window of the World:

If you thought the first two were massive, you are in for a surprise: Window of the World is spread out on over 480,000 square kilometers. Offering a fascinating and enchanting mix of world sites, historical wonders and natural beauty, this theme park will you over with its creativity and grandeur.

It also offers a rich assortment of cultural performances that captivate the visitors to no end. Divided into 9 areas and containing over 118 sight spots, the Shenzhen Window of the World covers the entire globe: from America to Asia. The magic continues after sunset too: at night, the park hosts a myriad of night shows covering folk songs and dances.

Shenzhen Happy Valley:

A modern theme park, the Shenzhen Happy Valley is the place to be for enjoyment and excitement. There are nine theme sections and over a 100 games spread out over a massive area of 350,000 square kilometers. It is a place for people of every age and missing out on this attraction will surely be a mistake. With adventurous rides like the Hurricane Bay, the Space Shot and the Adventure Mountain, it will have your adrenaline pumping.

Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens:

Located in the East of Shenzhen city, the Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens is the attraction for true nature lovers. This garden is a reflection of truly stunning Chinese gardens and will have you mesmerized with its greenery. The greenhouse and the forest live up to the title of the garden and hence, this garden needs to be on your bucket list while in Shenzhen.

Dameisha and Xiaomeisha Beaches:

Need a break from trotting all the theme parks? The beaches of Shenzhen will have you relaxed and re-energized in no time. Two of the finest sea resorts of Shenzhen and located near each other, the Dameisha and Xiaomeisha beaches offer not just natural beauty but also a variety of exciting activities. Exploring these two beaches is a must and when tired from all the exploration, the line of restaurants will serve you delicious food. Book a cheap flight to Shenzhen now if you wish to enjoy the scenic beauty of these beaches!
Jason is the content writer at TravelHouseUK , he writes travel articles on many holidays and adventurous destinations worldwide. Like; Shenzhen as this city has number of attractive and adventurous places to see. So, without wasting any time get your cheap tickets to Shenzhen now.


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