Boulder Is The Place To Be For The Great Outdoors

Boulder Is The Place To Be For The Great Outdoors


Located at the base of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder is a college town with a reputation for progressive values and enjoying the great outdoors. It is home of the University of Colorado at Boulder, serves as a hi-tech mecca, and is also a center of alternate culture, with many new age institutions, meditation centers, Buddhist centers, and Naropa University, a Buddhist-inspired educational institution that promotes non-traditional activities like meditation to supplement traditional learning approaches. Additionally, it is also a mecca for serious athletes of all types. As such, physical fitness is huge in Boulder, with many area residents regularly engaging in activities such as mountain climbing, cycling, running, and skiing, as is living an overall healthy lifestyle. As a matter of fact, the city has one of the healthiest lifestyles in America.

Boulder is virtually contiguous with Denver, making it a great side destination on any Colorado visit, to see rustic sights and visit a ski resort or two, such as Eldora Mountain Resort, located 21 miles west of Boulder.

One rustic sight worth seeing and experiencing is Boulder Creek Path, a miles-long path on the banks of the Boulder Creek that offers walking, biking, and other forms of recreation. Next on the list of outdoor attractions is Chautauqua Park, located at the base of the Flatiron’s rock formations, which offers hiking and sweeping vistas of the town and a close-up look at the Flatiron’s rock formations. In the summer, the Boulder Symphony performs at Chautauqua. Also during summer time, tubing on Boulder Creek becomes a popular activity.

For more great hiking, Flagstaff Mountain is a must-do. It offers a long, windy road with a breathtaking view at the top, of Boulder and the Rocky Mountains. There are also picnic areas, an amphitheater, biking and walking trails, the Summit Nature Center, and the Flagstaff House. Then there is the South Boulder Creek Trail, which offers good walking and biking, and prairie dogs galore.

Last but not least is Eldorado Canyon State Park, a local state park where one can witness the wilderness and beauty of the Colorado area.

For those who prefer less sporty touring, visit the Pearl Street Mall, the center of Boulder’s downtown area, which offers shopping, eating, and entertainment for all ages, especially on Walnut Street, a mecca for foodies. As far as the Pearl Street Mall is concerned, this four block long downtown pedestrian walking mall is surrounded by historic buildings containing boutiques, independent shops and restaurants to suit all budgets. And while enjoying a meal, you may catch an impromptu show courtesy of the Pearl Street performers that includes magicians, mimes, and everything in between.

To see where the young people go, check out University Hill, commonly referred to as “The Hill,” a small area located across from the main campus of the University of Colorado at Boulder. This area serves college students’ needs with a variety of restaurants and bars, bookstores, and coffee houses. While there, be sure to visit the University of Colorado at Boulder, which has a 600-acre campus outfit with beautiful gardens, art galleries and museums located throughout campus.

No visit to Boulder would be complete without a stop at the Celestial Seasons Tea Factory, headquartered there. One can take a tour and check out the mint room for intense aromatic smells and flavor.

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