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Explore. Dream. Discover. With TradeWinds

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How about relaxing on the deck of a luxury catamaran, sipping cocktails in the sun while your personal chef prepares the meals? Next thing you could be diving in the clear, warm Caribbean Sea and walking on white sand edged by palm trees. Welcome Aboard!

TradeWinds began in 1999, with the original crew comprising of Magnus Lewin and Edith Carvalho on a beautiful yacht called Turquoise Dreams in Saint Maarten in the Caribbean. Today, Magnus and Edith are still in charge of the company, with Magnus holding the position of chief executive officer and Edith fulfilling the responsibilities of chief operating officer.

Over the past 14 years, the company has grown, adding more destinations and increasing its fleet along the way, and through its unique success has remained as the only fully-crewed, all-inclusive vacation ownership yachting company in the world.

4While onboard a TradeWinds charter, guests will enjoy a level of service and pampering unlike anything they have experienced before. Onboard each catamaran is a mini-hotel operation. Sailing with TradeWinds is an all- inclusive experience, where every amenity is taken care of by a diligent crew. In addition to a well-stocked open bar, an onboard chef prepares first-class cuisine. The fare is prepared using fresh local ingredients from the destinations you sail in to create a wide range of dishes and tastes to excite your palate. If relaxing on the deck of a luxury catamaran, sipping cocktails in the sun while a personal chef prepares a meal sounds like heaven, then look no further than a TradeWinds vacation.

While vacationing on one of these floating resorts, guests spend their days enjoying the clear blue waters and the sights and sounds of the ocean. Many of the world’s most colorful reefs and other underwater habitats are in shallow waters, and lend themselves to a perfect lazy afternoon of snorkeling or scuba diving, where guests can experience 3abundant undersea landscapes. The wonder and seduction of what lies below the surface of the ocean is also readily accessible by experiencing the thrill of catching fish from onboard the catamaran. Guests can also choose to fish while sailing in open waters, or bottom fishing while at anchor, and any fish caught can be swiftly grilled on the onboard BBQ or made into sashimi and served to you with a complementing glass of wine or other beverage of choice.

It’s not all about the catamaran though, as there are several opportunities during your vacation to explore the various nearby islands. Hiking and jogging along white sandy beaches or finding a quiet space under a palm tree to relax with yoga are popular pastimes, as are exploring colorful markets and stores and afterwards choosing either a hammock or chair to sit back, relax, and enjoy a drink on board the yacht.

One of the most impressive adventures set in place by TradeWinds is its circumnavigation program. In 2012, TradeWinds yacht Explorer spent most of the year sailing the fantastic archipelago of Las Perlas, on the Pacific side of Panama. This marked TradeWinds’ first journey into the Pacific Ocean. These islands form part of an amazing archipelago, completely off the beaten path. Traveling here gives the feeling of being let into a secret that the rest of the world has yet to discover. TradeWinds guests immerse themselves in nature’s beautiful canvas of vibrant and alluring vistas as they swim in secluded bays with waterfalls cascading right into the sea.

2Snorkeling and scuba diving in these untouched waters are, of course, spectacular, and in the summer time, beside its enchanting beauty and amazing bird life, the ocean is full of whales and dolphins. On a typical summer week, charter guests and crew have sighted up to 50 individual whales, often with their newborn calves close by. With the hope and aspiration to extend this exploration of the Pacific and to continue its promise to circumnavigate the globe, TradeWinds has set its sights further west. In the distance far, far away on the horizon, lies the romantic and breathtakingly beautiful area in the South Pacific called French Polynesia. Islands such as Bora Bora, Huahine and Tahiti have long represented the ultimate in tropical paradise island experiences.

However, since this is a demanding area to operate in, and since the crew will often be far away from traditional land-based support systems, TradeWinds has introduced a brand new catamaran into its growing fleet, the aptly-named Wanderlust. Over the next seven years, this beautiful new TradeWinds 59 will embark on a journey of discovery around the world. Wanderlust made her maiden charter in French Polynesia at the beginning of May 2013. With cruising dates scheduled well into 2019, she will visit such exotic locations as Fiji, Tonga, Australia, the Maldives, the Seychelles, Africa and the Balearic Islands, offering some exquisite opportunities to sail in areas well off the “beaten path.”

TradeWinds members will receive regular updates along the way in the form of newsletters, as well as other information, letting them know where Wanderlust’s voyage is taking her, as well as announcing the release of future cruising dates, as well as when they become available for bookings. Many excellent photos and stories have already been posted on TradeWinds Facebook page, https:// www.facebook.com/tradewinds.sailing.vacations.

Looking towards the future and the continuation of providing outstanding choice for its members, TradeWinds began to add to, and replace, its older fleet from 2010 onwards, introducing new purpose-built catamarans. In a collaboration with the renowned yacht builder Fountaine-Pajot in La Rochelle, France, many new yachts have been added to the fleet to cater for the demand for a TradeWinds experience.

TradeWinds offers three different classes of yachts available for charter. At the moment there is one Flagship Class yacht, the TradeWinds 70, which is named New Beginnings. She is a top of the range, exquisite catamaran, where no compromise to quality has been made, ensuring her guests a truly superior cruising experience. With a crew of three to four, expect a level of service and pampering unlike anything you have experienced before.

5The Luxury Class offers two different cruising options. TradeWinds guests can sail in pure luxury by boarding one of their brand new, purpose built TradeWinds 59s. These unique modern catamarans started charters in 2012 and TradeWinds now has seven of these yachts based across the Caribbean. Amazing quality, luxury and space is offered on this new line of TradeWinds catamarans. They have a crew of two, serving ten guests. Guests can island hop on DreamCatcher, a beautiful, 46-foot powered catamaran capable of flying over the ocean with stability and speed, therefore being able to access more destination stops than ever before. She is fully equipped with a dive compressor, so for those guests who want to do lots of diving, they can!! DreamCatcher has three luxurious cabins, including the large owner’s suite extending to the entire port side of the yacht, and a crew of two crew serving six guests.

If guests prefer to sail in luxury, they can board one of the beautiful new TradeWinds 59s, which are custom-designed and offer amazing quality, luxury and space in this new line of catamarans. These stunning yachts have a crew of two serving 10 guests.

The Cruising Class is TradeWinds traditional fleet. Yacht sizes range from 41-56 feet, and can serve six to 10 guests depending on the size of the vessel booked. Since the launch of the Luxury and Flagship classes, TradeWinds has started a replacement program designed to replace the existing Cruising Class yachts with new, custom-built, luxury catamarans. In 2012, TradeWinds acquired two new models of catamarans, the TradeWinds 50 and the TradeWinds Lagoon 500, as part of that program. All in all, TradeWinds now has 12 brand new yachts in the various classes across its range of locations, so there are plenty of options to choose from, with prices that can suit every pocket.

Regardless of the yacht, the experience is truly magical. The yachts are able to take guests to beautiful secluded islands a normal cruise ship could never sail to due to shallow waters. Every day guests are able to experience a new adventure and a new destination full of breathtaking views. Evenings comprise of relaxing on deck and watching the sun set spectacularly over the warm blue waters, with the option to sleep under the sparkling stars at night. With TradeWinds chartered yachts, anyone’s dream of sailing the world can become a reality. Currently TradeWinds operates all over the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Ionian seas, as well as the Pacific Ocean. TradeWinds currently operates cruising bases in Antigua, the British Virgin Islands, St. Maarten, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Guadeloupe, Turkey, Greece, Bocas Del Toro, Las Perlas in Panama and French Polynesia.

6TradeWinds crewed yachts are available for shared or whole yacht charters. Guests can come with friends and family for some sailing and adventure by booking the whole yacht for their private party, or they can reserve just a cabin on one of the much-loved shared charters. Much like a regular cruise, shared charters are very affordable, as guests book only the space they need. TradeWinds will then find other sailing enthusiasts for you to share the experience with. Many guests book a whole yacht charter for that special occasion, such as a wedding anniversary, a special birthday or just a different and exciting family or friends get-together. If you want to be pampered, a TradeWinds cruise is the way to experience it!!

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