Travel Startup Uses Crowdfunding To Launch Itself And Others
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Travel Startup Uses Crowdfunding To Launch Itself And Others

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OneSeed Expeditions is paying it forward. Crowdfunding, the collective effort of a group of individuals to network and pool their resources to support efforts initiated by others, is not a new concept to this rapidly expanding travel startup. Using the power of the crowd, OneSeed has grown from three to nearly 40 employees on three continents in just two years.

And now they’re passing along the favor to women entrepreneurs throughout the world.

Launched in 2010, OneSeed Expeditions utilized crowdfunding to take their idea to market without the need for elusive bank loans or angel investors. With small investments from a wide base of early believers, OneSeed raised start-up capital in a time when credit is scarce and funding is hard to come by. In turn, OneSeed incorporates the same investment principles in its social impact goal of launching or expanding businesses of women entrepreneurs in the communities where they operate.

OneSeed, whose mission is “exploring the world, investing in people,” offers off-the-beaten pathexpeditions in Nepal and Chile while funneling 10 cents of every dollar via microloans in the communities where they operate.
Crowdfunding has become a popular resource for small business startups to gain the funding necessary to launch their ideas. There are an estimated 530 crowdfunding platforms worldwide, ranging from donation-based to reward-based programs. One crowdfunding site,, recently announced its users had raised over $119 million in just one year in contributions of as little as $1 per person.
OneSeed Expeditions operates on the idea that travel can accomplish a real and meaningful purpose. Founded by a group of former teachers, researchers, and guides, OneSeed uses the power of exploration to fund creative solutions to poverty.

The OneSeed model is pretty simple: you take an amazing trip and a local entrepreneur gets the capital needed to grow their business.

It’s a powerful concept, and the model is working. In just its first year, OneSeed Expeditions has raised more than $17,000 to invest through microfinance loans. Offering unique expeditions throughout the Himalaya and Patagonia, OneSeed Expeditions is living proof of the power of the crowd.

Learn more about OneSeed Expeditions at
See them in action here: [/member]

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