The Muskokan Resort Club Announces Addition of Private Swim Spas in Phase 3

The Muskokan Resort Club Announces Addition of Private Swim Spas in Phase 3

The Muskokan Resort Club (, a fractional ownership development of luxury villas on prestigious Lake Joseph, in the heart of Muskoka, announces that they have introduced an exciting new concept in luxury cottage ownership. All of the Muskokan Resort Club residences in Phase 3 will boast their own private swim spas – a first in the Ontario luxury shared ownership industry.

“Each residence of Phase 3 of the Muskokan Resort Club is equipped with its own year- round private pool,” says The Muskokan Club’s developer Walter Prychidny. “We decided to add this luxury amenity to the villas in Phase 3 our Muskoka waterfront development so that our club owners could enjoy all the health benefits of swimming 365 days a year in their own private swim spa. We anticipate that the addition of private swim spas to our luxury lakefront villas will be a tremendous selling feature and believe that the private pools will be extremely popular with cottage buyers. No other fractional ownership resort in Ontario offers cottage buyers this extravagant amenity,” states Prychidny.

The swim spas at the Muskokan Club are generous in size, measuring 19 feet in length and 8 feet wide. These self cleaning aqua pools are a family pool, hot tub and aquatic gym all in one. They are equipped with a variable resistant swim current, allowing for a great work out, and have four full body massage hydrotherapy seats, offering complete relaxation. The swim spas are designed to be multifunctional and offer:[member]

•The perfect swim: never having to touch walls or make turns. The constant current gives you the ability to concentrate on your stroke and maximize your endurance.

•Your private aquatic fitness centre: the buoyancy of water, coupled with the current, creates the ideal training ground that is both low impact and offers great aerobic benefits. The swim spa is equipped with tether cord, webbed gloves, and floating weights and grabs bars.

•Hydrotherapy: there is no better remedy than a therapeutic massage whether it’s to reduce stress, muscles aches or circulation of the joints.

•Family fun: use the swim spa as a fun and relaxing gathering place for family and friends.

As Muskoka’s premier luxury fractional cottage development, introducing innovative and exciting concepts like personal spa pools in luxury Muskoka cottages, is nothing new for the Muskokan Resort Club. Last year, they were the first fractional development anywhere to offer carefree and affordable shared boat ownership with The Muskokan Resort Boat Club.

“Muskoka has always had the reputation of being a prestigious resort area, with expensive cottages that attract celebrities and the well-to-do. Since being chosen by National Geographic as their 2011 pick for top vacation destination, Muskoka is destined to become even more popular and expensive. Fractional cottage ownership presents an opportunity to purchase a Muskoka cottage affordably, allowing anyone the enjoyment of a desirable Muskoka vacation. At the Muskokan Resort Club, we have taken Muskoka luxury to the next level by offering villas with private pools that allow club owners to enjoy “endless summers, year round,” says Prychidny.[/member]

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