Come Sail Away

Come Sail Away

TradeWinds Fractionals Offers Individuals the Cruising Lifestyle – Without the Hassle and Expense of Purchasing, Maintaining, Dockage and Crewing

When people are thinking about buying a yacht, their dreams are always the same. They see themselves at the helm, sailing crystal-clear waters with their family and friends, drinking cool cocktails as the sun sets over another beautiful bay or walking along a moonlight ribbon of sand on an exotic island. What is not considered is who will clean the boat, cook the food, make the beds, put fuel in the tanks, maintain the engine, check the generator and keep all the systems up and running!

Let us introduce you to the world’s first company to make luxury, crewed catamaran experiences available through private membership clubs – providing superior yachting in some of the most-attractive locations on the globe.

For some people, it takes some thought to wrap their mind around the concept of fractional ownership. So consider this: The initial high purchase price and subsequent running costs are the main concerns of yacht ownership for private use. Surveys show that yacht owners will, on average, use their yachts four weeks of the year, while dockage and maintenance costs remain a year-round expense. Therefore, fractional ownership is the smarter and more economical approach, and could also enable you to purchase a larger and more luxurious yacht than originally budgeted for. You can still enjoy the fun and satisfaction of ownership when you step onboard, however you experience none of the problems of crewing, cleaning, maintaining and repairing.

Quite simply, fractional ownership reduces your initial outlay and ongoing costs. Experience all the fun and the  pleasure of a luxury yachting lifestyle, at a fraction of the cost commitment. So you can purchase the yacht of your dreams, without the nightmarish associated costs. You enjoy the yachting experience – we do all the work!

Ports of Call
There’s no feeling that can compare to sailing in open water, but what makes the experience all the grander is calling on some of the most beautiful, warm locales to be found in the seven seas. The TradeWinds Group is always exploring and adding new ports of call, with a current roster that includes:

• Antigua and Barbuda – Visit the largest of the English-speaking Leeward Islands to enjoy the restaurants and nightlife and learn the fascinating history of Antigua at English Harbour, once the headquarters of the British fleet in the Leewards. Then, in stark contrast to the larger Antigua, head over to explore the pristine and vastly undeveloped 68-square-mile sister-island Barbuda.

• Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines – Billing itself as “The Big Little Island” with fewer than 6,000 inhabitants, Bequia exudes friendliness and has some of the most relaxed and easygoing people in the world. But that should come as no surprise, as this Windward Islands gem is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy a steel drum band or a quiet candlelight dinner for two.

• Bocas del Toro, Panama – Located in the heart of Central America, Panama’s Bocas del Toro Islands are best toured by boat. On the land itself, ecotourism thrives with four types of protected marine turtles nesting on the islands’ beaches and the red-billed tropic bird serving as the main attraction for bird-watchers. A vibrant bar scene enlivens the nightlife here.

• Guadeloupe – The five islands that make up the Guadeloupe Islands in the Leewards each provide a different experience: Basse-Terre is known for the spectacle of its natural beauty, with the islands national park and La Soufrière volcano; Grande-Terre has sugar cane farms covering most of the island and offers tours of the Gardel sugar factory; the tiny (11-kilometer) La Désirade; Les Saintes, known for its small coconut-filled cakes; and Marie-Galante with “the best rum in the world.”

• Las Perlas Archipelago, Panama – Las Perlas (or the Pearl Islands) are perhaps best known for – what else – pearls. Perhaps most famous is the La Peregrina pearl, whose owners have included kings and queens, and more recently Elizabeth Taylor. If you want to find your own treasure, the white-sand beaches and pristine waters ensure that the search, even if it is not fruitful, will be pleasurable.

• Lefkas, Greece – Located in the Ionian Sea, Lefkas is the only island linked to mainland Greece. Less commercialized than some of the neighboring islands, Lefkas maintains its rich Greek heritage and time-honored traditions. And because it is Greece, gastronomic delights can be found in family-run tavernas.

• Orhaniye, Turkey – With Turkey having quickly become a tourism hotspot, it’s nice to know there is a place where adventurers can discover the true Turkey; unspoiled, peaceful and incredibly inviting to visitors. Historic sites, unparalleled natural beauty and restaurants offering authentic Turkish cuisine make time spent here truly unforgettable.

• Placencia, Belize – Home of “barefoot perfect” beaches, Placencia is a Central American paradise with 16 miles of natural sandy beach, virgin rainforest, a mangrovelined lagoon where naturalists can seek out howler monkeys and wild deer. History buffs will love the partially excavated Maya ruins Nim Li Punit and Lubaantun, once great Mayan city-states.

• Sint Maarten – The Caribbean’s Sint Maarten/Saint Martin is less a melting pot and more a plate of two delicious dishes side by side. The smallest land mass in the world to be owned by two countries, the Sint Maarten side of the 37-square-mile island is an authentic Dutch Treat that is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (but not considered European territory), while the Saint Martin side is an “overseas collectivity” of France and technically part of the European Community.

• Tobago – Tobago is the smaller of the two main islands that comprise the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean Sea. The island is a veritable cornucopia of culture, its African heritage infused into island life and reflected in local folklore, music and dance.

• Tortola, British Virgin Islands – The capital and largest of the British Virgin Islands, Tortola captivates visitors with stunning views of crescent beaches, pristine blue bays, lush terrain and a warm and welcoming spirit. The island offers simple pleasures on all fronts, from surfing to sport fishing and from shopping to sunning.

So would you like to start your cruise in Gaudeloupe, spend time exploring and then return to port in Tortola? No problem! It’s your yacht and your Personal Concierge will help you to plan the itinerary of your dreams!

Your Yacht
Your yacht is a custom-built Fountaine Pajot TradeWinds 59 catamaran, especially designed by naval architects Berret- Racoupeau, with your comfort in mind, and it will be available for cruising in the Caribbean in early 2012. There is a beautiful, luxurious master suite for you, the owner, and three double cabins for your guests – all with island beds and private en-suite bathrooms. Your yacht is fully air conditioned, with a spacious custom-designed interior.

A comfortable saloon and open-plan dining area comes fully equipped for you and your guests. Sumptuous sofas on the upper deck create the perfect setting for cocktails in a tranquil bay where you can just chill out and watch the world go by.

If you are feeling energetic, there are lots of toys to play with including full dive gear, snorkels and fins for the less adventurous, and kayaks for those who want to explore! Everything you need for a fun and relaxing sailing experience is here for you.

Security and Flexibility
Your Fountaine Pajot TradeWinds 59 catamaran will be purchased and owned by a British Virgin Islands-registered company, of which you will be a 20% shareholder. Only three 20% shares per yacht will be offered for sale, with the remaining 40% owned by the TradeWinds Group. This ensures that you and the other 20% shareholders will get first priority on bookings and usage.

The initial term of ownership is six years, after which the yacht is sold. Upon completion of the sale, you will receive 20% of the proceeds. Alternatively, should all three 20% shareholders agree upon entering into a new management contract with the TradeWinds Group after the initial six-year term, the sale of the yacht would instead occur after 12 years. The yacht will be Caribbean based at one of TradeWinds existing yachting destinations, and your Personal Concierge will assist you in your yearly choice of sailing experiences.

€250,000 secures your 20% investment in the Fountaine Pajot TradeWinds 59 catamaran. Your annual operating expenses, consisting of maintenance, insurance, dockage, yacht registration and sundry expenses are included in the yearly contribution of €15,000.

As a TradeWinds Fractional owner, with flexibility being the key, you have two options of usage:

Option 1
A yearly usage of six weeks of sailing, on a bareboat basis. You have complete flexibility in how you use your cruising time and where you sail. Your Personal Concierge will assist you in planning and booking your sailing time. The free services of a skipper are mandatory, in order to assist with the yacht’s systems, handling and navigation.

This option is perfect for the owner who wants to be in charge of his or her own yacht, and it requires a certain level of sailing proficiency.

Option 2
A yearly usage of three weeks of sailing, on a fully crewed all-inclusive basis. Again, you will have the flexibility of choosing when and where you want to sail. However, with this option you can sit back and let your professional crew look after the details, such as provisioning, cooking, cleaning, yacht handling and navigation. Your full service includes all meals and drinks, crew, cruising permits and taxes, fuel and water. This option is perfect for the owner who desires a high level of service and pampering while sailing. It is true five-star treatment for all guests on board.

A unique combination of the two above options is also available. You simply choose your sailing experiences for the following season, and off you go!

The TradeWinds Group
The concept of TradeWinds was born in the mid-1990s with a dream and a vision. A dream of cruising in warm, shallow waters; of scuba diving at breathtaking coral reefs and of relaxing at sunset on beautiful catamarans anchored at tranquil islands. The dream became a reality in 1999 when we started our first crewed charter operations in Sint Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles.

Today, over a decade later, more than 35,000 guests have cruised with TradeWinds at our 10 exotic destinations, stretching from Central America and the Caribbean Islands to the Mediterranean and Ionian Seas.

For more information, contact Garry Cosgrove at the TradeWinds Group:
Alternatively, contact TradeWinds via regular mail at TradeWinds Group, PO Box 4760, Road Town, Tortola, VG 1110, British Virgin Islands; by telephone on +44 770 668 5031; or on the Web at

What’s Unique About TradeWinds as a Fractional Provider? Plenty!

• The people who started the business 12 years ago are the same people who run the business today.

• We only use our own fully trained and experienced crews, maintenance staff, operations staff and reservations team, all of whom are fully committed to giving our guests the service and the quality that they deserve.

• We have cruised the beautiful waters of the Caribbean for over a decade, ensuring you get the best out of your cruising experience.

• We are committed to service, quality and fun, to ensure our guests the best experience of their lives! All you have to do is arrive, climb on board, have a wonderful vacation and leave the rest to us.

• We provide you with your own Personal Concierge Service.

• We offer you flexibility of choice in cruising destinations, within the group network. [/member]

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