The Holistic Spa Experience

The Holistic Spa Experience

Most spas today are more than mere massage centers, offering a wonderful gamut of products and services to not only soothe sore muscles, but also to cleanse the body – inside and out – and de-clutter the mind. It is this philosophy of care that guides the creation and implementation of many a spa. The Ya’ax Ché Spa, with its traditional yet modern offerings and its setting in one of the world’s leading eco-luxury resorts, has perfected this concept and has become a truly holistic getaway.

Massages and Muscles
If you’re old enough, you may remember the stereotypical masseuse/masseur of days gone by: a strong, athletic, masculine type (whether a man or a woman) that would roughly work the muscle groups with a pain-inducing technique that made massages anything but desired. The aforesaid masseuse/masseur would gruffly work over the client’s body, seemingly without concern for his or her comfort – kind of like a pizza maker working the dough, doing whatever is necessary to finish the job.

Today’s massage therapists are quite different. The good ones start by asking questions and listening to the answers: What parts of your body are sore? Do you have any injuries? Do you want an intense rubdown after your workout or do you just want to relax and unwind on the table?

A massage therapist also has tools in addition to his or her own two hands. One popular technique focuses on the use of smooth, heated rocks rather than digital manipulation. Another uses jets of water to knead the deep-tissue muscles.

Types of massage methods vary. Swedish massage tends to be a relaxing style than can vary in intensity, and the deep-tissue or sport massage carries the DNA of the old workout style – but without the callous masseuse/masseur. Many techniques combine aromatherapy and audio-relaxation aids.

Seaweed and Skin
Body treatments and facials make up another major spa aspect. Most people have heard of the seaweed and mud wraps; many spas feature other specialty wraps and soaks, each with their own benefits, which include chocolate, wine, beer and milk. I’m not sure why food and drink have become such popular treatments, but it may have to do with their appeal outside the spa – the idea of spending an hour covered in chocolate does sound more appealing than time spent wrapped in seaweed!

Facials are skin purifying, cleansing, hydrating and wrinkle-removing treatments for men and women. While the object of many women’s facials is to achieve a younger looking appearance and a healthy glow, men’s facials tend to restore elasticity to wearied skin and reverse the harsh effects of daily shaving.

Relaxation and Rejuvenation
If you are looking for a truly relaxing experience where you can reconnect with nature, refresh your mind, rejuvenate your body, and cleanse your soul, the Ya’ax Ché Spa at Hacienda Tres Ríos, located in the Riviera Maya in Mexico, might be the right place for you.

The philosophy of this original spa is based in the Mayan belief that human beings are all connected to everything around them: the universe, other people, and nature. Our bodies reflect pain when the balance among these elements is broken. Thus, the Ya’ax Ché Spa treatments are designed to re-establish that balance. [member]

The experiences available are also enriched with indigenous ingredients such as cacao and ecological honey from the tropical jungle, and the use of sacred sounds, herbal baths, quartzes and stones. The ancient Mayan wisdom of these rituals combines with modern principles in the treatments and advanced body health techniques.

This is one of the few spas offering a Mayan purification and relaxation experience called temazcal, a 90-minute traditional Mexican sweat bath used for centuries for curative and therapeutic purposes. The name temazcal comes from two Nahuatl words: temas, which means bath, and calli, meaning house. This treatment balances both body and spirit and is especially important when preparing for special events, such as marriage or other celebrations.

The ritual takes place in a specially built Nahuatl hut beside the sacred waters of Cenote Manatí. The cleansing experience is accompanied by traditional music and ends with an optional dip in the clear waters of the cenote (freshwater spring).

Other signature treatments, each referred to as a ritual, include:
• Mayan Gods Ritual – A 60-minute detoxifying of each part of your body, creating a reconstituting effect.

• Marine Elements Ritual –An 80-minute mineral wrap; the powerful action of its active ingredients reduces the orange appearance and improves the quality of the skin.

• Ya’ax Ché Ritual – An 80-minute purification process based on the use of spirulina algae, which contain vitamins and minerals that protect the organism and prevent signs of premature aging, to make you look and feel well.

• O’olkil Magical Ritual – An 80-minute 100% natural ritual that combines hydration, cell renewal and toning, guaranteeing increased beauty of the face and body, preventing expression lines and achieving a soft, smooth skin.

• Yaa’ Kun Ritual – A 90-minute couples’ treatment created so that you and your partner can enjoy our exquisite salts, obtaining countless revitalizing benefits for the cosmetic care of your skin, hair and body in general.

The Ya’ax Ché Spa is located in Hacienda Tres Ríos, a luxury eco-friendly resort 35 minutes south of Cancun. Offering a luxury all-inclusive experience, the resort features a sumptuous mix of architecturally acclaimed accommodations, fine dining, tasteful entertainment, and a wide variety of activities at Tres Ríos Nature Park, which is open exclusively for hotel guests.

Unity and harmony aren’t exclusive to the spa at Hacienda Tres Ríos. The Tres Ríos’ model of sustainable tourism development clearly distinguishes the eco-luxury destination from other hotels and resorts. Establishing a clear set of environmental criteria to guide the design of the hotel allowed the developer to clearly identifythe proper technologies and actions required to both develop the resort and protect the environment. Thus, Tres Ríos has invested in infrastructure, equipment and environmental management tools that have positioned the resort as model for sustainable tourism development.

The elements that make an exceptional green operation blend seamlessly into the guest experience, striking a delicate balance of luxury holidays and conservation. This resort was constructed as part of a master plan that included more than two years of comprehensive environmental studies. The architectural design was based on rigorous environmental criteria and the buildings were placed on areas of lower environmental value. What’s more, in 2006 the Mexican government recognized Hacienda Tres Ríos as a “regional and national model for sustainable tourism development.”

Some of the best environmental practices include cold water from deep well used to cool air conditioning systems , with heat generated from air conditioning captured and used to heat water; in-room motion sensors shut down unnecessary energy use when rooms are unoccupied; and a titanium-clad water desalination plant treats and filters the water, avoiding use of the freshwater aquifer.

Outside the plush suites of the hotel, the natural environment unfolds amidst 326 acres of rivers, an estuary, 10 cenotes and a tranquil sandy white beach.

What’s more, with the spa, fitness center, yoga classes, two pools, nearby private yacht club and equestrian center, guided eco-park tours, snorkeling, and three rivers for swimming, kayaking, and birdwatching – Hacienda Tres Ríos‘ activities create the ultimate vacation experience, no matter your age or interests.

Ya’ax Ché Spa (located at Hacienda Tres Ríos resort)
Cancún-Tulum Highway, Km. 54, Tres Ríos, Riviera Maya, QR 77760, Mexico
Spa reservations: 800-494-9173 (from the US) +52 (994)87 72400 ext. 7456 (in Mexico and from elsewhere)
Hotel reservations: 800-224-4231 (from the US) 800-262-9268 (from Mexico) +52 984 287 4107 (from elsewhere) Website: [/member]

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