Cazabella Exotic Designer Jewellery

Cazabella Exotic Designer Jewellery

Jason Russell Delivers High-End Pieces at Highly Competitive Prices

At the age of 20, South African entrepreneur Jason Russell recognized that women of all cultures and ages appreciate beautiful pieces of jewellery. So, Russell founded Cazabella, a designer jewellery company, and launched his first collection in July 2008.

Cazabella sold out all stock within six weeks. Russell now acts as managing director and operates his design company with a clear understanding that customers will always expect to receive exceptionally beautiful pieces with “wow” factor at highly competitive prices. The immense popularity of the jewellery line has created highly satisfied, engaged clients who tell Cazabella what they like: “Regular customer feedback drives our creativity from average to superior,”
Russell says.

Within its first year of penetration into the South African market, Cazabella had firmly established its success by dominating the costume jewellery market with a number of unique attributes. These attributes include high-end costume jewellery at unsurpassed value and quality.

Russell has a particular eye for precision, balance and scale – and, obviously, a drive and passion for what he does. Russell attributes his passion to his Italian descent and love for fashion. He says his creations are heavily influenced by the European fashion industry.

But to succeed of course, Russell had to have good business acumen. “The core vision of exceeding customer expectation with high-quality product at great prices has empowered the highly motivated associates to initiate their own sales organizations as Cazabella ambassadors,” he says. Cazabella, a private wholly owned South African company, has developed its business model around a win-win philosophy. Its 500-strong sales ambassadors and elite presidents are afforded full business development support to create wealth and success and great skills confidence.

“The objective of our team is to continually bring gorgeous designer pieces of unsurpassed quality to our customers at amazing value,” he says.

Product Perfection
The quality of Cazabella jewellery is maintained through Russell’s insistence that his products meet the highest standards and are made from top-quality materials. Cazabella makes extensive use of Swarovski crystal, and all the company’s silver-colored jewellery employs double-rhodium plating.


Swarovski crystals were first crafted by Daniel Swarovski, a young Czech with a keen eye for perfection. Swarovski crystals are renowned today as one of the best cut crystals, specifcally capturing clarity, color and superior facets.

Rhodium is almost three times more expensive than platinum and its main use is to keep jewellery shiny while preventing tarnishing – and at the same time reduce the chance of skin allergies or other dermal reactions.

Jewellers around the world use rhodium to plate even platinum and white gold because of its impressive shine
and its protective properties.

All gold-plated pieces are tested by the Cazabella Quality Team to ensure consistent thickness of the gold plating, which again reduces tarnishing.

Cazabella jewellery makes use of a range of other crystals, including A-grade cubic zirconias and rhinestones that are hand picked to reflect “the glistening” – a trademark of the Cazabella brand. Opulent black onyx and shimmering mother of pearl complete the Cazabella line.

The Look
Portraying diverse attributes from simplicity to magnificence, delicacy to drama and elegance to vibrancy …Cazabella captivates the imagination, dreams and desires of every woman. It is cherished by the young and trendy, and it is treasured by traditionalists. Cazabella’s distinctive handpicked selection of jewels is incomparable in successfully enhancing a women’s beauty.

Whether you strut the red carpet, glow in the candlelight of a romantic dinner, enjoy cocktails in lavish cosmopolitan lounges, share secrets at casual book clubs or play away, Cazabella crystals will easily present you with glamour.

Cazabella Exotic Designer Jewellery can be found in a wide variety of South African retail outlets, hotels and selected chain stores. Direct sales teams are also accessible throughout South Africa. For more information, visit To meet the demand of an international clientele, Cazabella’s online store is expected to be in operation by May 2010. Direct sales positions are available for qualified individuals contact for information.

A Crystal-Clear Q & A
Owners Perspective asked Jason Russell, founder and managing director of Cazabella, a few questions about the jewellery line.

What inspired you to create this line?
Basically, jewellery’s been around since the beginning of time – cavemen used to decorate themselves and through each era there’s been decoration to the body. That’s where I saw a huge opportunity in the market. If it’s been going for that long a time, it’s something that’s going to stay.

How would you describe the Cazabella line?
It’s definitely a high-end fashion line. There’s a lot of influence from American and European fashion definitely. My heritage is Italian, and my family is based in Italy. So there’s a lot of strong tradition and Italian style behind it that’s carried through my bloodline that’s influenced the products.

What type of women wears this jewellery?
It’s the lady that wants to be seen out and about – it’s definitely brand conscious. It’s women who want to look good, who want to be stylish and in with the latest trends and fashions.

But your prices are not out of reach?
We provide a high-value product to the public at a great price – and that’s been the success behind the whole business; I believe if you bring in quality and value to your clients, you’re going to have a long-term endeavor and a lot of repeat business. We don’t want to have a client buy from us once a year – they will actually be able to change out all their jewellery almost every season.

Is this jewellery appropriate for our readers, who are active vacationers, when they travel?
It is costume jewellery, and it’s high-end fashion – so it’s definitely the type of jewellery that you want to be seen out in, especially when you’re going out on the town to a special function and really want to be noticed.

So tell us, what is hot right now?
Silver is in fashion, and a lot of silver-colored items are what’s going to be in for the next few years. But at the moment the new trend is white, and we have a few white products that use acrylic or Swarovski crystal – those have been hugely popular. White is one of the in trends when it comes to accessorizing.

What’s next for Cazabella?
We’re going to be introducing our handbag range within the next two months. That’s an exciting thing that we’re looking forward to. One of the accessories that women use is handbags, and so that will complement our jewellery line nicely. We’re also introducing our online store, where people around the world can purchase items and have them shipped directly to them.


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