Private Island Living on Pine Cay

Private Island Living on Pine Cay

Turks & Caicos Private Island Is an Exclusive Retreat in Paradise

Casual living is the lifestyle on Pine Cay – bare feet are welcome everywhere on this Caribbean island, a secluded 800-acre privately owned island located in the Turks & Caicos archipelago, just 560 miles southeast of Miami.

The rustic island community also remains a refuge of natural beauty. The home owners on Pine Cay have, since the early 1970s, set and retained high standards to protect the indigenous flora & fauna, to limit the size and siting of all buildings, and to contribute to the development of the Turks & Caicos Islands in a responsible manner. From the initial establishment of this private community, a strong and proactive environmental ethic has been in place among Pine Cay members to preserve the island. The limited total membership ensures that the island will forever be uncrowded, with privacy protected for all.

No cars are allowed, and only golf carts roam the natural pathways. The natural splendor and indigenous vegetation are undisturbed, and with the strict regulations on size and siting of homes, plus the 600-acre common green space, the island remains pristine.

The members own the entire 800-acre island of Pine Cay, including the hotel, 2,800-foot airstrip, staff village, covered boat storage and marina. The exclusive 12-room hotel functions much as a country club for the members, and enjoys an excellent reputation. Becoming an owner of property on Pine Cay is much more than buying a Caribbean retreat – it is joining a very exclusive group of like-minded families who treasure their natural hideaway. Homes are simple, cottage like, and set back from the shore to protect each members view and privacy.

[member]In context of Turks & Caicos Islands real estate, private island communities are holding their value well. In uncertain times, well placed real estate has always been a solid choice. While indeed Pine Cay entails membership in the community and the associated financial obligations, it also secures longterm investment value – ownership within an 800-acre private Caribbean island, with 600 acres of open space, is a rare treasure.

The amenities of The Meridian Club, both for the social as well as for the security and maintenance options, are a positive factor for the long term investment value as well. Plus it is a fabulous and beautiful island to enjoy! Current properties for sale on Pine Cay range in price from $395,000 for a five-acre interior lot to $9.5 million for a beachfront home.

The Meridian Club
The Meridian Club, the only resort on the island, is beautifully positioned on a two-mile stretch of talcum-powder beach, considered by many as the finest in the Caribbean. It was built during the 1970s by the island homeowners, and although it has been refurbished several times since, it retains all the original charm and simplicity designed by the early Pine Cay pioneers. One of the key features of The Meridian Club hotel is the open ambiance, encouraging both guests and members to enjoy each other’s company, while easily providing any level of privacy and solitude desired – a true private club atmosphere.

The hotel facilities comprise an upstairs bar with terrace, an indoor dining room, a pool and patio area with bar and luncheon tables, a small gift shop, an Internet access lounge, both tennis and shuffleboard courts – plus a variety of water sports equipment, including Hobie Waves and kayaks.

Services are geared to provide island homeowners with every convenience of a Caribbean island private club, including sports facilities, organized activities, and gourmet dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The 12 guest suites are all on the ground floor, and quiet paths wind along the extensive local landscaping throughout the hotel grounds.

The resort is well known for its excellent cuisine, attentive staff, and “barefoot elegance.” The two-story Clubhouse – with its indoor restaurant, bar and guest lounge – overlooks a shimmering pool and the Caribbean Sea. There are outdoor dining areas on the terrace and in a colorful tropical garden facing the beach with its thatched tiki huts and sunning chairs.

Providenciales, Turks & Caicos is accessed by over 60 international flights each week. Major airlines fly from New York, Boston, Miami, Atlanta and Charlotte with direct flights daily, and from Toronto, Canada three times a week. From London England, direct flights arrive each Sunday. The combinations are limitless for your convenience in arriving. The private family retreat of Pine Cay is a short (10 minute) flight from the Providenciales International airport in small aircraft, or a lovely 20-minute boat ride from Providenciales. Members can fly in to the island with their own planes or have their own boat waiting at the Providenciales landing for the trip to the Pine Cay marina. By air or by sea, the turquoise waters and sparkling sand beaches welcome you home. Alternatively, enjoy the comfort of flying your own private plane into this tranquil Caribbean fly-in destination. The 2,800-foot airstrip makes arrival and departure by private plane convenient; ample and safe tie-down space is available at this private airpark community in the Caribbean.

Turks & Caicos is a country that well knows the value of an airstrip, and each of the seven inhabited islands has a runway to land your private plane. Visiting private planes enter the Turks & Caicos Islands on Providenciales, “PLS” is an international Caribbean airport, with over 60 International flights per week from major cities in US, Canada and Europe. Private pilots seeking repair or assistance will find qualified mechanics in Turks & Caicos Islands. Further details on pilot information can be found in the Bahamas and Caribbean Pilots Guide published each year.

Island Activities

Turks & Caicos Islands fishing covers a huge territory and a wide variety of fish. The famous Turks & Caicos fishing tournaments for billfish are held in the summer months, but excellent deep sea fishing is available all year round. Charters leave the marinas on Pine Cay, Providenciales and on Grand Turk each day, on the trawl for mahi mahi, wahoo, snapper, grouper, tuna, jacks and more. With a verysmall commercial fishing industry, sportsmen find the waters of the Turks & Caicos Islands abound with fish. Rent a fishing boat or charter a skilled local captain and guide for your fishing excursion in the deep blue.

Bonefishing off Pine Cay is extraordinary! Famous for the smoky mud clouds blooming in the turquoise sea as they feed, bonefish roam the shallow Caicos banks all year round, making Turks & Caicos a bonefishing heaven. All over the world, the delicate casting for the fierce fighting bonefish captivates experienced fishermen – and in Turks & Caicos Islands bonefish are found schooling in the shallows every day. A catch-and-release program ensures that Turks & Caicos bonefishing will be great sport for a long time to come. Hire a local Turks & Caicos bonefishing guide or take a special trip aboard the airboat tour through the East Caicos channel – an untouched wilderness of mangrove and sea that is perfect for bonefish.

The pristine coral reefs of Turks & Caicos offer a breathtaking experience for snorkelers with small darts of color as the fish wiggle gracefully in and out of weaving lacy fans and tubes of sponge. Snorkeling along an underwater trail, with signs and explanations, educates you about the coral types. The coral reefs of Turks & Caicos Islands are noteworthy for their health and growth, with coral heads near shore for your exploration, as well as snorkeling trips to the edge of the coral reefs that surround the Turks & Caicos Islands archipelago offered daily on Pine Cay.

Turks & Caicos is rated among the ten best scuba diving destinations worldwide. The walls of coral that drop deep into the ocean at the edge of the reefs surrounding the islands are amazing. You can safely and slowly drop deeper into the sea, while the coral formations grow in size, as do the fish, until you are a small quiet observer in their world.

Tax Haven
Many visitors to the islands are surprised to learn that Turks & Caicos is an offshore jurisdiction. One would be hard pressed to find one “suit” among the lunch hour crowd. Despite the lower profile, these islands, like many larger low tax financial centers (Cayman, Barbados, Switzerland to name a few) offer access to a wide range of investment options, asset protection, and income tax planning solutions not available directly in USA, Canada or Europe. In depth knowledge and experience are on hand to identify correct legal structures for each individual’s specific goals, to discuss investment opportunities within the zero tax domicile of the Turks & Caicos Islands and to offer a full range of international investment opportunities and services in major markets. Indeed, for all your investment and planning needs well-established businesses here include international accounting firms, real estate agencies, international banks, financial advisors, trust companies, private banks, legal firms and consultancies.

The Turks & Caicos are an intentional “offshore finance center” specifically created by Britain following a UK government-sponsored study in 1970. Unlike some of the other Caribbean islands, such as Bermuda or the Bahamas, which just grew into tax havens, the Government of the Turks & Caicos, with the encouragement and assistance of the British Government, set out to create “the best offshore finance center in the world.” They subsequently enacted legislative measures to implement the infrastructure necessary to support this aim, including specifically crafted laws on confidentiality, banking, insurance, trusts, companies and limited partnerships.

Some of the attractive benefits of Pine Cay include:

• No income tax; no taxes on investment income or capital gains; no withholding taxes on dividends, interest, management fees and royalties paid; and no taxes on corporate profit
• No probate fees and no estate or succession duties
• Well established confidentiality laws
• Professional advisors and support services readily available
• Excellent infrastructure and telecommunications network
• Easily accessible
• Government stability
• Official language is English
• No exchange controls
• Official currency is the U.S. dollar

The solid and reputable financial services sector in the Turks & Caicos is very well regulated, puts a premium on confidentiality and provides an array of financial service products tailored to each personal situation. The keystone of the islands’ financial service legislation is the formation of exempt, ordinary, Limited Life, Guarantee and Hybrid Companies, plus Limited Partnerships, all monitored by the Financial Services Commission. Purchasing a property
in Turks & Caicos brings you a world of financial opportunities.

Pine Cay combines direct home ownership with shared island ownership, an unusual and attractive investment alternative for your Caribbean dream retreat. Visit for more information on properties available on Pine Cay, or contact Sara Kaufman directly on +649-231-4884 (mobile), or e-mail her at

Forbes, Forbes & Forbes Ltd. is an independent realtor representing private member properties for sale on Pine Cay, and is not affiliated with the Pine Cay Home Owners Association or with The Meridian Club Hotel. [/member]

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