Combining Your Vacation With A Spa Experience

Combining Your Vacation With A Spa Experience

By Tasha Lewis, ICC’s President

Each year when I clear my schedule to go on vacation, I look back on all of my previous experiences and realize that sometimes a vacation should be focused on self healing and renewing yourself.

That’s when it came to me. Why not combine my time off with spending extended time at a spa? As an owner of a timeshare that allows you to change destination each year, I decided to visit the much read about Papillion the Spa at Westgate Lakes in Orlando, Florida USA. In between enjoying my luxurious all-equipped condo, I thought I could also do some much needed pampering.

A perfect way to escape from the stresses of everyday life is to visit Papillon the Spa, Westgate Lakes, which offers the ultimate showcase in relaxation, rejuvenation, and renewal of the mind, body, and spirit. The word Papillon is French for “butterfly” and is the unique theme of the Spa. Their vision is to wrap you into an unforgettable chrysalis (cocoon) of comfort. Papillon was created to offer a collection of therapies that promote a sense of well being for guests.

Completed in November of 1999, Papillon spans 10,000 square feet of the beautifully appointed resort, Westgate Lakes. The spa’s Grecian décor is complimented by candlelit ambiance, healing aromas, and soothing music. To prevent any type of discomfort, Papillon has even equipped the treatment tables with warmers. In addition to the treatment areas, the facilities include saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools, a full service salon, and much more. The facilities are tailored to accommodate any type of healing. If your idea of healing includes relieving your body of toxins through a regimented workout schedule, then the latest in fitness cardio and weight training equipment is available to you. The spa even offers complimentary child care during designated hours while you are taking advantage of Papillon’s services.

During my visit at Papillon, I was impressed with the facilities and wanted to share some thoughts from Ms. Dededry Capellan (DC), manager at Papillion the Spa at Westgate Lakes. She gave me some additional information regarding the facilities and their company’s philosophy.

ICC: “What is your role at Papillon the Spa at Westgate Lakes? How long have you been with the spa?”

DC:”I am the Supervisor of the Front Desk. I have been affiliated with Papillon the Spa at Westgate Lakes Resort for 4-1/2 years, first as a Spa Attendant and later as a Retail Consultant. I absolutely love my work here and can’t imagine myself being anywhere else!”

ICC: “In your opinion, what is the most compelling reason for a client to utilize the services of Papillon? What makes Papillon unique?”

DC: “Families on a vacation here in Orlando pack in a lot! They visit theme parks, the beaches, and hundreds of other world famous attractions. They often find themselves needing a vacation from their vacation! A visit to Papillon the Spa provides an escape from the everyday stresses. Some prefer to visit at the beginning of their vacation to help transition into a vacation frame of mind. Others prefer to come at the end to renew
themselves before traveling home. The professionals at Papillon are trained in a variety of relaxation and renewal therapies for the face and body, which truly renew the mind, body, and spirit in an hour, half day, or full day spa escape.

Upon entering the Spa doors, guests begin their metamorphosis as they are surrounded in warmth, comfort, and tranquility. A visit to Papillon the Spa is complemented by a full array of amenities including a relaxation lounge, dressing room, locker room, whirlpool, steam room, sauna, fitness center, full-service hair and nail Salon, and outdoor lounging deck. Additionally, children of Spa guests, ages 3-12 are also welcomed at the on-site Kid’s Club during regular operating hours.”

ICC: “Explain your company’s philosophy and long term goals.”

DC: “Westgate Resorts is a vacation ownership company with family resorts throughout the United States in exciting destinations including Central Florida (home of Papillon the Spa), River Ranch, Florida, South Florida, Branson, Missouri, Williamsburg, Virginia, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Las Vegas, Nevada, Mesa, Arizona, Tunica, Mississippi, and Park City, Utah (home of our second Papillon the Spa). Our company philosophy is to fulfill our guests’ dreams by providing a quality vacation experience that exceeds all expectations. Our long term goals are to continue to provide vacationing families with exciting and fun on-site amenities and experiences including dining, Kid’s Clubs, Activities Programs, and of course, our world-class Papillon the Spa.”

My experience at Papillon the Spa was exactly what I desired it to be. It was rejuvenating from the time I put on my robe (and incredibly comfortable slippers) until I finished each treatment that I received. Every aspect was about meeting my needs, as well as the other guests. Whenever I encountered a guest in the waiting lounge, they felt exactly like I did – that they had made the right choice in coming to Papillon. In fact, on a subsequent day at the spa, I ran into some of the same guests again! I guess we all had the same goal in mind: pampering ourselves on our vacation.

I can’t forget to mention the two technicians (Alicia and Beatriz) that helped to make my experience memorable. Each of them had their own signature style that gave me the impression they loved their field of choice. Being an educator/student for life has taught me the importance of loving what you spend most of your life doing. Due to many health challenges experienced in my early childhood, it’s important to me to determine the level of commitment from the people that play a role in my health. The value of good health
cannot be stressed enough and how we care for that good health. No price tag can be placed on staying fit and healthly. I know this first hand with all of the investments that I have made throughout my life in that arena. The technicians at Papillon proved to me many times that they were committed to my experience and my health.

By the end of my vacation, I felt renewed and refreshed. In fact, I will make it a permanent part of my annual vacation calendar to spend an extended portion at a Day Spa, or at least include it on my itinerary in route to my destination of choice. Papillon the Spa at Westgate Lakes will be included on my list of future choice spots.

I wanted to thank Ms. Dededry Capellan, manager at Papillon the Spa at Westgate Lakes and all the staff who played a part in my visit.

If you would like to take advantage of their services, please contact them at Address:
Papillon Spa
Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa
10,000 Turkey Lake Road
Orlando, FL 32819
Manager: Sharon Saintemarie
Phone: (866) 438-2503 (toll free)
Phone: (407) 992-2938
Fax: (407) 370-3445
Web Site

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